Monday, May 15, 2006


Today's quote: You think I'm not quick enough. Guy thinks I'm not quick enough. Well I got news for you. I am quick enough!... Cockboy!

OK. It's been weird. After not hearing from anyone in months, no one asking for a single interview, no one caring that I exist or even concerned with the slight possibility that I could come work for them, I've suddenly been inundated with calls. The problem is, they were all for jobs that I don't really want now. I've finally settled on a direction I want to go in. Unfortunately, the job I got an offer at was for a project manager position for a marketing firm. It wasn't really what I would call my cup of tea. Plus, I had to take a drug test for them, and when I got the offer letter they demanded I reply in one day. How unreal is that? I thought most places gave you a few days at least, if not a week!

The thing that's holding me up now is that I'm interviewing for an accounting position with an internet company based here. Yes, I'm not naming it b/c I'm paranoid that I would be breaking some confidentiality rule or something, whatever. Plus, on the off chance that someone from there stumbles across this page, there just aren't that many ppl who have recently moved here from Iowa Law. Uh huh. This job wasn't really what I had decided I wanted to do, but the thing that makes it hard is that it is in a field I have previously considered, then discarded b/c I didn't really know enough about the profession. And it sounds boring. But I got a call from the company out of the blue asking me if I would be interested in the position, so I thought to myself, why not? It's not like it's totally a random choice, since I have considered it before. Plus, if I try it out I might like it better than I think...right? I was trying to keep my options open. Well, apparently after surviving a 2 hr 45 min interview, now they're concerned that I seem over-qualified and are worried about my commitment to the field.

Do people not realize the only thing that really sets me apart is the fact that I'm making my choice later than other people? I basically have the same 4-year degree, and about 1 year of solid full-time work experience. I'm so tired of hearing this "over-qualified" excuse. Everyone has to start out at the bottom somewhere, and I am sure in the perfect world everyone would find an entry-level position that perfectly matched their capabilities. However, as we all know, this is a far from perfect world. I'm not just tired of going through all the interview loops, of getting offers from jobs I don't really want anymore, or trying to convince people to just give me a chance before they start worrying that I'm going to jump ship. I'm tired, period. Everything seems like a maybe, but not quite.