Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Long time no talk

I'd totally forgotten my blog existed...until a friend reminded me (not so gently either) that it's been a while since I've updated my blog. Maybe I will more often to take me away from WoW. Speaking of, I have reached the conclusion that druids suck. People just think of us as a second-rate priest, or "a priest with durability." Whatever.

Went home to visit parents, and lo and behold, right when I'd thought I could kick back and relax and let my mind vegetate, my dad busts out a marine vessel manual and tells me to study it because he's making me take the freaking test. Why??? I have no freaking idea. So after falling asleep several times trying to memorize the stupid colors and names of the sides of the boat (why can't they just say left, right instead of this port, starboard crap) I woke up the day of the test realizing I'd read about half of it. I remember muttering to myself that this was absolutely ridiculous that someone who'd succesfully passed the first year of law school was afraid of a dinky vessel operating test. I reminded myself that I could take the test the next day if I failed, so I sailed forth merrily on my way, leaving dad at home (in case I failed). Luckily, I passed the first time. So now I have yet one more useless license. And get this, I got issued another hard copy of a driver's license, and they didn't destroy my old one, so now I have two. Tsk, tsk I say, they're just leaving the door wide open for someone to use my id to get into 21+ areas.