Saturday, August 27, 2005

Just not my day

Today's quote: The Valkyrie at my side is shouting and laughing with the pure, hateful, bloodthirsty joy of the slaughter... and so am I.

Ok, I haven't been the happiest person lately, what with the things going on in my life. One of them is me starting to seriously doubt if law school is right for me. Alright, so what else would I be doing then? I"m not sure. Anyway, I've been having my moods of self-doubt and uncertainty, which makes reading for class fairly difficult. My mentality is, why read for class if I'm not sure I'm going to be here? Of course, at the same time if I am going to stick it out the last thing I want to do is shoot myself in the foot by not reading for class. The whole thing has had me coming home at nights and laying around like a pool of silly putty on my bed staring out my window wondering what's going to happen.

Well, today I decided to ignore my problems temporarily at least, and get going on some stuff. I started out with some laundry. Went out to lunch, came back and popped the laundry into one dryer. Came back later to pick it up, and almost cried at what I saw. There were hot pink splotches randomly on all my clothes, especially the whites. I always check my pockets, but somehow a tube of lipgloss got through, became uncapped in the dryer, and them proceeded to melt itself all over my favorite white clothes. It's funny how the little things are the ones likely to push you over the edge when you're already hovering near it. I swear, at that moment I felt like God was either testing me or laughing at me. Maybe both. I took the clothes, put a full serving of bleach into the washer, ran them through, nuh uh. Nada. Still bright pink splotches. I shook my fist at the ceiling. Sure, mess with my career choices in life, turn me into someone homeless because I have no money. But NOT the clothes!!!