Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Today's quote: Mo cuishle.

It was rather weird going to the first day of classes today and seeing all the 1Ls swarming about. They looked like shiny new pennies. Seeing them made me feel like a tried-and-true veteran. Well...not really. Actually I felt like a 1L pretending to be a 2L. Anyhoo, it was just weird going to classes that weren't core classes, just subjects I picked all for fun. It makes for a busy schedule, but right now fresh starts and keeping busy are very important. I just hope that I settle into the schedule of things quickly so that I stop feeling crazily out of place.

At least I have a favorable impression of all of my teachers this semester, and the subjects are very promising as far as interest goes. Hopefully I'll be able to stay in school to enjoy the classes this semester, because I don't have any financial aid right now. I'm waiting to see what I can do with private loans or if there will be some kind of financial aid award last minute after all. If I don't get the money I'll be forced to withdraw, because no mula = no school. It's a little freakish considering what I will do if I end up being forced to take a semester off. I just told my parents yesterday about my problem, and understandably they weren't happy. I guess they're afraid that if I do take a semester off I'll end up never going back. They just don't understand. I'll be damned if I let my first year of law school go to waste, not to mention all the debt I have incurred so far. Nuh uh, back to school I will be going later to get the stupid degree to at least hang on my wall, even if I don't end up practicing law. They really needn't worry about that.