Saturday, January 28, 2006


By the way, for anyone thinking of getting a car: forget about getting a VW. Maybe it was just my bad luck with getting a VW model b/t 2000-02, but things on my car keep going wrong. First, the car goes through oil unnaturally fast. Upon reading the manual, I'm told to check my oil levels every time I get gas. Apparently this type of oil consumption is normal for VW cars. Next, my abs module is buggy and drains my battery completely dead. Then, the window on the driver's side rolls down one day and decides it doesn't feel like being rolled back up. The emergency light stops working. Then battery dies again for mysterious reasons. Now, the emission malfunction light is on in my car.

I am starting to think the battery dying and the malfunction light were small ways to stop me from leaving IA. I was supposed to have left on the 20th. I pushed that a little back because I needed time to finish packing. That night I get in the car to go have dinner with a friend, but the car doesn't start. I stare at it in dismay, and then call my dad. My dad said to open the hood and see if the cables connecting to the battery had come loose. I said, you want me to do wha??? Where's the battery?? Note to self: must at least learn the basics. The only thing I do know how to do is change a tire by myself. The next day I had to have the car towed to the shop and diagnosed.

So I had pushed the move out date to the 27th. The morning of, I went through the apartment inspection with the person, and turned in my keys. I get in my car, and now there's a new light on the dash. I swear like a mofo, because now I'm homeless, and it's Friday, and I called the only VW dealership in town but they couldn't get me in at all for that day, the soonest being Monday. But the guy told me that as long as the light wasn't flashing I should be fine to drive to WA. Famous last words.

Another extremely bad turn of events: Seville wouldn't sever my lease, so I'm still responsible for paying rent unless they find someone to sublease the damn apt. They wouldn't even consider a $2k cash settlement. I called a lawyer to ask him what my options were, and the guy basically told me to keep paying the rent. I asked what would happen if I didn't, and he said they would wait till the lease was over and then sue me in small claims court for all of the rent owed + attorneys' fees. If they don't find me, then it's good old published notice (ah Civ Pro showed me what that was) and eventually judgment entered. The lawyer told me that if I didn't plan on being a deadbeat for the next 10 years then I better take care of it, a.k.a. pay the fucking greedy leeches on society. This is just another reason why I don't want to remain in Iowa any longer. The place is way too pro-landlords.