Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Don't Look Back

Today's quote: I don't think you understand. Me - gonads! You- ovaries!

Do you ever wonder why companies have made the packaging on some things so difficult to open? For example, I bought a crappy optical usb mouse today at Target. Actual time spent buying mouse: 3 minutes. Time spent opening package of said mouse: 20 minutes. In the process, I have given myself two cuts from the plastic, and ruined one pair of scissors. I could not believe my eyes when the plastic repelled the scissors and then broke them. I finally had to get out the trusty Leatherman that I received from an ex-boyfriend as a birthday present (yes, it's useful, but what woman wants a bloody Leatherman for a birthday present?!) and stab at the package until I got a manageable hole to finally get the mouse out. The last time I had this much trouble was with the Sandisk Micro-Cruzer. I wonder if anyone has ever sued a company for injuries sustained while navigating the perilous process of trying to open crazy packaging?

By the way, I've quit my newest job. I couldn't see myself staying there for more than a year, so I felt that perhaps things were better if I just quit now and saved myself the misery of a year of work that I didn't like or have any interest in, and also saved the company the time and energy of training me in the work. Plus, it needs some moderate amount of people skills since construction seems to be one of those things that's very buddy buddy-ish.

So far, I seem to have experienced opposite ends of the spectrum. At the last job, I always had something to do and the day went by fast. The duties would have been enough to engage someone and keep them occupied. The atmosphere is very comfortable, and employees are allowed to wear pretty much whatever they want. All in all, it was a very comfortable place to work. The drawback was that it barely paid better than minimum wage. So much for their policy of trying to "attract the best and the brightest at above-market-average wages." The new job paid more than $15,000 a year than the other job, but at the same time the work did not engage me in the least. I hated the work. The only thing I could foresee happening was that the work would get easier, but that I would not like it any better as time went on. It's funny, last week I thought that I could do any job as long as it paid decently, but this week I found out that I actually think otherwise. I almost feel like I've been betrayed by myself. So what am I doing now? I'm considering my options of how I might actually get to write to pay some bills, since it's pretty much the only thing right now that makes me happy. I need some ideas.

Time to go back to eating ramen.