Thursday, March 29, 2007

Tech envy

Ok, I've just seen my friend's new computer. His processor puts mine to shame, along with his monitor! Actually, I don't really care too much about his computer, my drooling is pretty much over his monitor. The dude got a 24" widescreen Ultrasharp lcd. It literally looks almost as if it would be twice the size of my paltry 17" lcd.

Sigh. I refuse to buy anymore computers from Dell, but I guess I wouldn't mind getting one of their lcds. I don't know if I necessarily need something that big, but I wouldn't mind getting a 22" at least. I see those going on sale sometimes, so that would be better justified.

The only way I would upgrade to a new computer so soon is if I see that the new video card replacement I get won't work in my current system.