Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Roommates suck

Today's quote: We sell our skills, not our bodies. We create another secret world, a place only of beauty.

Well, I've moved into the condo on the Eastside. I originally found the listing from Craigslist, among 8 others. This Indian girl SG was the only one who got back to me. After meeting with her and surveying the condo, we sat down and chatted for about an hour. I asked her questions about what kind of person she was, etc. I also made a point to ask her about whether I could have a wired internet connection in my room, to which she replied that it would be no problem.

After going home and thinking about it, I decided to try out the roommate situation with her. I figured, the lease is only for three months, so if it turned out badly I could move again. Well, it almost appears that my worst scenario is coming true. Let me list the things so far that have been irritating.
  1. The day I came to sign the lease, SG didn't have it ready. What was funny was that she was the one who asked me to come earlier than the time I'd suggested, except that when I arrived she was still sleeping (at 11am!). Then, she didn't have any copies of the lease printed out, so she had to drive to work and come back. All in all, I was kept waiting for about 40 minutes.
  2. She didn't allow my cat to come, so I had to leave Tabitha with someone else and buy the Litter Robot so that they wouldn't have to scoop the litter box. Ok, I know that it's her right to say no pets, but I still feel like it wouldn't be that much of a problem if I kept the cat in my room only.
  3. The day she knew I was moving in (she even knew what time I was coming) her boyfriend was parked in my spot.
  4. Her boyfriend is over all the freaking time. I contracted to live with her, not her boyfriend too. I don't feel comfortable going outside of my room because I know that some guy is out there. If I'd wanted to live with a guy, I would have looked for a male roommate.
  5. During our first meeting, I also made a point of telling her that I have trouble sleeping and that a quiet night when it gets late is very important to me. She said she wasn't that loud and that it would not be a problem. So far, one night she has watched tv till past 11pm, and the sound level of the tv makes me think that she's either 1) going deaf, or 2) extremely inconsiderate and unaware of what time it is. Maybe both.
  6. Remember when I told her that I had to have a wired connection because I hate how wireless drops frequently? Well, she hasn't taken care of that at all. She hadn't called the cable company to have the port in my room activated for the modem. I tried out her wireless, and it was exactly as I had feared: last night the connection dropped 7 times in one hour. I got so mad that I finally stomped out there and demanded to talk to her. I made sure that she understood how important the internet is to me, so she finally called the cable company. She should have done this BEFORE I moved in!
  7. She hasn't made any space for me in the kitchen or the hall closet. When I asked her if I could put a shoe rack out by the closet because it was full of her stuff, she said no. Meanwhile, not only is the closet full, but her shoes are strewn about the hallway despite having the whole closet! It's as if she thinks that I'm only living in my room and using the bathroom, without any rights to the rest of the place.
  8. She's dirty. Her kitchen is disgusting. There have been dishes in the sink for 3 days. I opened the microwave and the turntable had a huge brown stain across most of it. It looked as if she had spilled something at one point and then never cleaned it, so that it hardened into this massive stain.

Now it seems like three months can't come fast enough. Of course, if I do move out it will be my 12th move in 8 years. I am so sick of moving. After this, I think that I might have to just suck it up and live alone, despite paying almost $400 more a month.