Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Future Interests and all that

Given the general aura of fear in property, I thought maybe I'd share a tip that really helped me. I read the Lexis Nexis workbook on reserve in the library for future interests, because the workers in the bookstore told me it helped them a lot. I think it helped immensely, and really provided a basis for general knowledge in the area. There are lots of examples in the book, and even better yet, they have answers! I think most of the time I'm frustrated with the Notes and Questions section in our property book because there are no answers.

I know there are flashcards also, but I don't know how good those are. Also, if you want to have your own copy of the workbook I think it's about $35, or as I said, it's on reserve in the library. There is also Estates in Land and Future Interests: Problems and Answers (Problems and Answers Series) by John Makdisi.

I was also thinking of posting some "state the title" hypos online every week to let people test themselves. I dunno, it depends on if it would help people.


Anonymous said...

Fair use of copyright law is permissiable for educational purposes. Just copy the dang book and be like "snaz" I roxorz your boxzors. Then download a bunch of songs off the Internet and be like "snaz, i am using them for mai edumacation"!

Anonymous said...

Figure out whether your library has CALI (Computer Assisted Legal Instruction) lessons available on reserve. You should also be able to access them through (although you may need a school-specific password to get to the lessons). There are several problem sets on future interests, and students generally find them helpful.

Property Prof at another school

hufflepuffer said...

Thanks for the info!!