Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Iowa Law Night

I just went out for the first time a quite a long while. So some of my friends wanted to go to this Mr. Iowa Law night thing, which I stupidly thought would actually have some cute guys there.

Instead, my friend and I arrived to a scene that looked like someone picked up our law library and dumped all the people into this bar. Yeah.

After sitting around a while, the competition finally started. Man, was I ever disappointed. As a friend said, I am incredibly naive. I don't know, I just thought that there were bound to be some good-looking guys here, goodness knows I see plenty of hot guys constantly running by me. Not to mention the multitude of flyers that were posted everywhere featuring Abercrombie-caliber guys. So maybe I was a leetle misled about the cute guy factor.

All in all, it was not that great, especially not with Michael shouting loudly enough to cause all of us to go deaf in that ear. And maybe I did get a few laughs from the short, half-naked, spandex boxer-brief-wearing muscle-bound guy (Dan) and Edward. Edward was totally great (everyone loves Edward!), and I think a lot of us thought that he should have won, but no, the guy with the really tight lederhosen (Eric, 1L) won. Weird, right? I really don't know what the appeal of the lederhosen was, although it did almost make me want to pinch that round booty.


Lady said...
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Anonymous said...

law night was for a good cause, not for girls desperating looking for cute guys... keep your mind open