Sunday, October 31, 2004

Happy Halloween!

I gotta say that the party last night at RT's was great. It was such a blast seeing everyone from school there dressed up in various costumes. For some reason, the atmosphere was a lot looser, and a lot more friendly. People were a lot more willing to talk to people they normally don't, which was great. Maybe it was all the alochol. I know I had a little more to drink than I should have, seeing as how I ended up hugging the porcelain god at 3am, 4:30am, and then the kitchen sink at 6am. But what can I say? When your friends offer you a drink from their pitcher, you drink!

Other than that, I'm really glad to see that some people can loosen up when they're away from the law school, and I really liked some of the costumes I saw. There was Travis with his thigh-high platform boots complete w/ fuck-me heels, I loved Edward's smurfette costume, the construction worker outfit was pretty hot, totally loved the Abe Lincoln costume, along with the mailman costume too. All in all, I think the guys had more interesting costumes than the girls, since the girls tended to be the typical princesses, airline stewardesses, nurses, naughty school girls, catwoman, fairy, etc. Although I do remember seeing the one naughty school girl outfit, where the girl had her shirt tied up right under her boobs, and I was wondering if she was just a naughty school girl or if she was trying to be Brtiney Spears. Who knows.

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