Wednesday, October 20, 2004

In the Spirit of Halloween and Crim Law

I know this is dorky, but when I saw this picture I thought it was cute. Since we're covering Chapter 13: Voluntary Intoxication this week in criminal law, it's particularly pertinent.

Don't you just hate how law school has totally permeated your life and how you think? I see almost everyone as a potential tortfeasor, and I'm constantly evaluating whether someone can sue for IIED or assault, etc. When I hear about real estate scammers, I can't help but think, "that's a tortious feoffment!" and then immediately want to slap myself for even thinking that.

Hopefully when I go home for the holidays I will be able to stop thinking like a lawyer for 3 weeks.

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Anonymous said...

Intoxication rocks. Its even better when you get in a car and drive. Did you know what one of my Pre-Law professors in undergrad described this situation?

Its playing Russian Roulette with the other people on the road. And she did not care for it.. she also got debared for it (and was reduced to being a guest lecturer at my school). I still remember her book "Victim's Rights Law". It was from 8AM to 11AM. Once a week and every week i'd show up at 10AM.