Thursday, October 14, 2004

Normal looking people?

One of my friends thinks that it's hard to find normal-looking people. Apparently, he thinks someone who looks normal has no flaws in their appearance. To me, that means the definition excludes pretty much everyone except really pretty people and models. I would never call a model "normal" when I don't even think they live in the land of real people.

Anyway, we got into a heated debate over what people we knew that we considered attractive. He was totally dissing one girl after another, oh that girl's face-book picture looks way better than she does in real life, or she's too short, or she's kind of fat. When I said, "So what," he comes back with "How many flaws does a guy have to excuse?"

Ohhh. I think someone needs to be slapped.

That's a bit rich for someone who's got a big ole butt. Seriously, we're talking bubble butt here. In fact, I don't think I've ever seen such a J-Lo ass on a guy before, not unless the dude was a weight-lifter or something, which he most definitely is not.


Anonymous said...

"That's a bit rich..." is one of my favorite descriptive phrases. A treat to read.

Also, kudos on calling out the J-Lo Butt on a man. I've seen that before. Not so cute.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on celebrities and models not really qualifying as normal people. They have several weapons that most of us don't have including personal trainers and dieticians, surgery and best of all air brushing. Imagine what our face book pics might have looked like with a little slight of hand and a computer. (Not really important, but still)

Also, I'm with you on the slap for dude's comment. Did this guy have a checklist or something? If the ladies in question had X number of "faults" then they could no longer qualify as hot or even cute? I would hope that someone with the male J-Lo ass would be a bit more forgiving.

Anyway, if it makes a difference, this is a guy saying this.

hufflepuffer said...

it's nice to know that not all guys are so involved with the superficial aspects of a girl. There is something behind the exterior!

Anonymous said...

Yeah so I'm so not superficial about my body, but my partners body better be F'ing hot. I want to burn when I touch it. I want people to go "dang, xxx is dang lucky" Its why i'm looking for a chick who works at a strip club. Cause you know they are on the ends of the spectrum.

One is they are f'ing hot and easy. :D Just have some coccaine and your all ready to go.

The other, well it usually means they got something special like say... one leg, one boob, or something else. Thats not what i'm looking for, but at least people can still be like "dang isn't she the stripper at xxx club? how did he get so lucky?"