Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Yet another stupid mandatory program to attend...

I don't think I've ever heard of so many mandatory programs in other law schools. When I told my older lawyer friends that we had a week-long intro orientation week, they thought it was the most stupid thing ever. I mean, come on! We're supposed to be the up and coming hotshot lawyers. I think we can figure out where to go to get our pictures taken, where to sign up for lockers, etc. If we have to figure out how to research common law in whatever state we're going to practice in, this kind of ridiculous babying is not going to help us. It just makes us more prone to being spoon-fed everything. I think I speak for all of us when I say Orientation SUCKED ASS. We would rather have been home reading the next 60-70 pages for that Intro to Law class than sit through some stupid meaningless program about how to be a happy and cheerful law student.

And now we have one more program to attend: Career Services L1 Orientation Mtg.
Oh sure, the idea of it sounds good, but we've already been warned by one of our professors in class that Career Services is not that great here. If you want a summer job, you get off your ass and send out your resumes to all the firms you're interested in. You don't sit around and expect Career Services is going to pull a miracle out of thin air and find you a job.

What gets me is that they say the meeting is mandatory, and if we don't go to this one, we're supposed to schedule a make-up session. 1) How are they going to know if we didn't go? 2) If they do end up taking attendance like control maniacs, how are they going to force us to schedule a make-up session? Are they going to put our spring registration on hold?

All I can say is, not all of us are interested in getting summer jobs. They should make the meetings w/ optional attendance, so that people can go if they want to. I think that they're forgetting that we're adults and are capable of making our own decisions.

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