Thursday, October 07, 2004

Gruesome Crim Stories

All right, in just about every class of criminal law we hear at least one interesting story from our professor. Our professor used to be a prosecutor in New York, so you can imagine that he has plenty of fodder for class discussion.

Right now we are covering the section of attempted crimes, and the impossibility defense.
Today's story: Two military officers are off-duty, so they decide to go have some fun clubbing. They arrive and start dancing with one girl, when suddenly the girl collapses. I think many people would have been at least a little concerned that there might have been something wrong with her, but apparently such thoughts did not cross the minds of these two men. Instead, they assumed that she was just really, really drunk. They decided that they should take her home. After bundling her into the car, they realize that this is prime opportunity for them to take advantage of her, and both proceed to have sexual relations with the girl. Unbeknownst to them, when the girl had collapsed on the dance floor she'd actually suffered a massive heart attack from which she died. Yup, these two men committed necrophilia.

The prosecutor went after them for attempted rape. They both got hefty sentences for jailtime for what they did.

Now, it's exactly because of cases like this that I know for sure that I will never end up serving in criminal law. Nope, no way.

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