Monday, November 01, 2004


Greeat..we've finally covered Rule Against Perpetuities in Property, and the topic is one of those weird things that I kinda get and kinda don't. On easy examples, I can figure em out, but one issue definitely gets me (and I heard Lauren ask this in class): how do you know whose life to measure by? Or, how do you know whose life is the validating life? I read the green book on this, but I'm still a bit unclear on that. When it says, "...some life in being." Whose life?? In class professor said that the time starts running either from the time of creation or from the death of T, but then he said during certain examples that it was measured by B's life, or measured by the lives of the children? Argh.

Other than that, life is great! Only one day left to vote. Yesterday I got a call from some woman who said she lived in my neighborhood, wanting to know if I was planning on voting, and if so, who for. That was the first time I've ever gotten a call from someone asking me if I intended to vote, and I've registered for plenty of elections. I guess this just goes to show this is a red-hot election year. Anyone willing to place $10 bets on the outcome?

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Anonymous said...

A measuring life is a life in being at the time of conveyance. One tricky thing to remember is that with a will, the time of conveyance is after A dies, so that's something they like to get you on