Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Cursed day

Alright, after forcing myself to go to bed last night despite massive anxiety, I wake up to news that isn't any better. I just hope that it's not going to take forever like the last time to find out who won, or else I'm not going to have any hair left.

On another note, we had an interestingly lax class in property today. We basically spent the whole time on "what-if" questions regarding assets and marriage. It's nice to know:

1) In Iowa, you're better off not even joking about being married to the person you're living with, else this may be construed as a common-law marriage.

2) Some states define bigamy so narrowly that it's possible to have two spouses who live in different states and escape being held criminally liable for the act of bigamy.

3) Try not to get divorced after getting your advanced degree, or you might end up having to pay half your income to your ex-spouse for a very long time.

4) All the movies I've seen where spouses sue for damages saying that provided years of emotional support mean jack, since the professor told us today that you get $0 for emotional support.

5) Technically it could be easier to get citizenship through common-law marriage, even if it seems unlikely that someone would actually try this when they could have hard proof in the form of a marriage license.

Today's best quote from our property professor (IMO):

"Cohabitation without sex is a roommate."

The class ended on a great note, where Ms. Tucker asked what happens if you get really drunk w/ someone, and you wake up with a ring on your finger. Almost sounds like she's talking from personal experience...


Anonymous said...

Yesterday in Property, we were talking about common law marriage and someone asked about living with a "friends with benefits." I think she was wondering if that would make you married by common law or if the two people actually have to be a couple (as opposed to just sex partners). The professor didn't seem to understand the question, and replied, "You're living together. You're having sex. That's what my wife and I do. Welcome to the club."

hufflepuffer said...
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Anonymous said...

Omg...he seems a little too disposed towards telling us about the fact that he and his wife still have relations. I'd rather not know.