Tuesday, November 02, 2004

The suspense is killing me!

Ok, I've been home for a while, and I can't get any studying done because of the election. It was running neck and neck for awhile, but right now Bush is ahead with 102 electoral votes, vs. Kerry's 77. Yikes. I'm really hoping that Kerry comes through on all the big states, like CA, NY, FL, PA, IL. Carrying these states would go a long way towards offsetting the disturbing amount of red I see spreading across the map as we speak. I just have to remember to breathe, and remember that no one lives in the god-forsaken states like WY, ND, SD, etc. Each of these states only have 3-5 electoral votes, but they're still adding up.

I get a bad feeling I'm going to be up all night without reading for Property tomorrow. I think school should be cancelled tomorrow so that we can all watch the election coverage. God knows I'm not going to be able to think straight in class.

More updates later. Hopefully I'll calm down enough to stop biting my nails to the quick as if I'm some cigarette-addict.

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