Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Hooky anyone?

I'm so tempted to blow off my last class today and start break early. I'm overhearing all these people who are going to do that because they have various flights all over the country this afternoon. I'm betting that if I do go to class it will be just us losers who have nowhere to go for Thanksgiving or have nutty families we aren't in any hurry to see.

So what would I do if I didn't go to class today? I could clean up my apartment, do the laundry, go grocery shopping, go get a coffee table, another bookcase, watch a movie (hell why not watch several movies?), play some poker online, and SLEEP! The possibilities are so endless that I think I could cry for joy.

I can't wait for this Friday. I'm going to go shopping for some electronics. Walmart (I know, Walmart is evil, but really, $40?!) has the Gameboy Advance for $40, Staples has a 512mb flash drive for $30 and a dvd burner for $40, Best Buy has a 27" tv for $90, and a dvd player for $20. I think I also heard Kohl's is giving away $15 gift certificates to their first 300 customers, but I haven't verified this. I can't wait to go shopping!


Anonymous said...

i say do it, especially your last class. watch out for that gameboy, while a sick deal, there's a new system coming out.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! One more toy to distract myself from studying would be IDEAL! Or maybe, I should wrap it up tightly and open it day after finals as an early Christmas present for myself! =>

hufflepuffer said...

I think the Gameboy on sale at Walmart is the one right before the SP. The SP will be on sale at Target or EB Games for $79.99. I also believe the DS will be $149.99 at EB Games.