Monday, November 22, 2004

Gobble gobble

Thank god Thanksgiving break is finally here. It really couldn't have come any sooner, since I am about to keel over from exhaustion. I am going to sleep in everyday of break, eat whatever and whenever, and watch TV! I haven't turned on the idiot box in so long that I don't even know what shows are on anymore. And I pay for cable every month too, which feels like such a waste of money. But I don't cut the service just in case I might want to watch tv. I do a lot of things because of "just in case." I hate wanting to do something and not being able to. To me, living life well and being successful is all about the exposure to choice. The poorer you are and unsuccessful, the fewer choices you have because you'll be forced to take a certain path in order to pay the bills. The better off you are, the more choices you have to pick from.

I'm wondering who is going to stay over the break here? I think we should get together one night and go out to a bar and get to know those people we haven't gotten to know yet. I'm game, who else is?

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