Sunday, November 14, 2004

Swearing like a sailor

I've recently noticed that my profanity frequency has hit the ceiling since coming to law school. I guess it's the stress of all the work. Just the other day I caught myself using the F-word just about every other word, and gesturing obscenely with my middle finger at the same time, just for someone stealing a parking spot from me at the mall. I'm a little scared. I see a lot of changes in myself that kind of scare me. It's even difficult to carry on a normal conversation without some hint of profanity creeping in somewhere. This is just momma didn't raise me to have a filthy mouth like this.

Otherwise, it's been a pretty chill weekend, just tried to study some (unsuccessfully as usual) and then saw the Incredibles this weekend. I just loved how Pixar had lawyers put the super-heroes out of business. And then today, I saw another reference to law on the Simpsons, where a cook competing with Marge in the Bake-off says he did some act "with malice aforethought." Is it just me, or does pop culture seem more sprinkled with oblique references such as this? I probably didn't notice before since I wasn't a law student.

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