Friday, November 26, 2004

Lost the damn race

Ok, so I thought getting up at 6:30 and hitting Staples by 7am would be good enough to get the stuff I wanted from there. Nuh uh, nope. All of the 512mb Micro-Cruzers sold out in the first 10 minutes of opening, nor did they have the $40 Iomagic dvd burner I wanted. It was sick, just sick. Here I was, all ready to buy the cruzers and dvd burner + dvd-r's, and I was thwarted. Every place I went to today were plumb out of all the cruzers. If there was ever blueballs for shopping, I've got em.

So, in retaliation I bought the Nintendo DS. I know, it doesn't make sense. The reason I didn't get the $40 GBA was b/c they still didn't make em w/ the backlight, so screw that. Of course, I could have bought the GBA SP, but I thought, what the hey, I don't buy electronics everyday, and since I didn't buy any of the stuff at Staples I now had that money to spend instead. I have to say, the dual screen is pretty damn cool, and the graphics are super sharp. It's backwards compatible with the GBA games in addition to its own DS games.

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Anonymous said...

It is almost impossible to beat the rush of people trying to get a good flash drive on sale. I remember I was on line two hours before the store had opened to get a 256mb for $20, and I was like number 20 on the line and got the last one!

It sucks!