Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Why Can't I Be Legally Blonde?

Thinking about the whole thing about what PlayItAgainSam said on yesterday's comment, that reminded me of how Legally Blonde all came about. The woman who wrote the book, Amanda Brown, was basically in the same position as I'm in now. Ok, ok, maybe it's not exactly the same.

So good ole Mandy Brown was a law student just like us. However, I'm guessing she must not have been a very good one, because she spent all her time writing letters to her friends back home about the things she experienced in law school, even during class. That seems pretty daring. I know here there are some people who do the crossword in class.

Anyway, apparently she was such a gifted writer and wrote so entertainingly that it became a weekly ritual for her friends to get together every week and read her letters together. Now that is what I call a readership!

I mean, think about it. She was basically writing about the same kinds of things we are, but she was really lucky enough to get two movies and books out of the whole deal. When I hear about people like this, it makes me wonder why I'm still in law school. Brown dropped out of law school and never got her J.D. as far as I'm aware of.

It reminds me of what that Career Services woman told us: the highest earning alum from this school is a beader, dealing with making wedding tiaras or something like that. Maybe I really am stupid after all, since it seems that there is more than one path to riches and a satisfying life.


Anonymous said...

I don't think you're stupid at all. And if I can give a word of advice to you and all the rest of our comrades freaking out right now, to put it in the simplest terms... it's just law school. We were all human and managed to survive before law school and we'll continue to survive after law school. Most of us will be extremely successful, but based on what our own ideas of success are. You may snicker at the tiara queen, but she's laughing all the way to the bank. Granted I might be singing a different tune when grades roll around, but will our lives end if we don't get the exact grades we hope for? According to the people who, at this point, are much wiser than us and have already made it though law school... no. We may all be freaking out right now, but come this time of year next year, we'll be laughing at how all the new 1L's are freaking out and how it really wasn't necessary. Oh how I long to be a wise 2L that can slack off and not have to deal with the 1L guilt trip for doing it.

hufflepuffer said...

I totally agree about the slacking off and then the inevitable accompanying guilt trip. Whenever I take any time off to go and enjoy myself, my fun is always tinged with guilt. I wish my emotions weren't always a double-edged sword these days.

Yeah, I can't wait to be a 2L and have it all in perspective. Of course, I've been told that the second year is even worse than it is now, so I'm a little afraid already. Hopefully, I'll be a lot more relaxed next year.

Anonymous said...

Here's a story about people who don't pay attention in class for you: My boyfriend spent about 10 or 15 minutes on his contracts reading (12 pages) the other day. He did it right before class, while I'd done mine the night before and reviewed it before class. So I'd read it twice AND more thoroughly than he did. Well, in class the professor called on him and he wasn't even paying attention (he was playing hearts on his computer or something) and he STILL got the question right. I was totally infuriated! I spent all that time trying to understand the assignment, and he spent 10 minutes skimming it and still understood it better than I did. I guess the lesson is that some people just have a natural aptitude for certain areas. I'm sure you'll find yours and then feel like you're not stupid at all! That, or you can start a beading business or become a famous writer!