Monday, November 29, 2004

The Last Law Night

I'm wondering if I should go to law night this Wednesday. I definitely want to go, but I get the feeling it won't be that many people there this week. Gee, I wonder why =P

Well, I think that if I do all my studying like a good girl and then go hang out I'm entitled to it. Just have a few shots, kick back and relax, and see who else is fun enough to come out the week before finals. It's always fun to watch people get drunk and make complete asses of themselves. Maybe I'll regret going out so much after I get my grades, but at this point it's hard to feel that way. Somehow I think that I'll never regret going out to meet new people. A person can never have too many views on life.

Otherwise, it's interesting seeing how various people react to finals week coming up. One guy I know starts trembling violently and smoking like a chimney when finals are mentioned; another girl I know basically has the "oh f*ck it" attitude. Personally, I think I subscribe more to this latter view than anything else. Of course, I guess it really does all come out in my subconscious because I've had so many dreams about Kurtz and the final (it was even more unpleasant than usual to see him outside of the classroom)over the break where I woke up screaming future remainders. I think I speak for a great deal of us when I say I just want finals to be over.

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