Friday, November 05, 2004

Begging for praise

You know what I realized today? We all seek praise from our teachers shamelessly. I realized this sitting in Crim today, watching the defense and prosecution for the Goetz trial. After one of the prosecutors cross-examined the defendant, Bibas told her she did a good job. I happened to be looking at her face right then, and the most beatific smile spread across her face. I don't think I've ever seen anyone look happier. I think a great number of us are secretly seeking such praise from all of our teachers, but we would never admit it to each other. We always act nonchalantly upon being congratulated by our peers.

I guess at this stage of the game, since we don't have any grades on the books, the only indication we have of our progress is from comments from our teachers. So some of us seek to say intelligent things in the hopes that we'll receive some recognition from the teacher that we studied hard. And when some lucky student does receive such commendation, the rest of us look upon enviously. Well maybe not all of us are envious, but at the least most people do remember which student was complimented by the professor.

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