Sunday, December 05, 2004

Bless the Canadians

For this, I take back everything mean I've said about the Canadians. Plus, I like Brian Boitano :)

Bush Gets Arrested


Anonymous said...

War crimes, huh? You foolish little girl. Someday you'll grow up and likely regret your childish rantings about President Bush on this blog.

--Chicago lawyer

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD. You just made my day!

hufflepuffer said...

I guess we know who is pro-war and who isn't.

Anonymous said...

anon law prof is spectacularly arrogant behind his cloak of anonymity but does not allow others to post anonymous comments. wtf? i only pray that ALP is some law student's sick fiction.

Anonymous said...

The subheading at the top of anonlawprof's blog says "fictional." After reading it, I sure as heck hope he/she is fictional!