Monday, December 06, 2004

On the verge of losing my test virginity

Oh first law school exam ever! Alright, maybe not the first one, but this is the first graded one, so this is the first one that matters, for all intents and purposes.

I take a short break right now to blog from deep in the bowels of the library, to torture myself with the multi-state bar exam questions on torts. Who knew I could feel so stupid in so short a time?

Good luck to everyone tomorrow (but not too much good luck, since I don't want to be at the bottom of the curve :) )


Anonymous said...

oh, you poor dear.

don't use the multistate bar exam questions for *anything*, except possibly for studying for the MBE. They're fake, ILG, they're *fake*- good only for teaching you how to deal with those monstrously stupid questions. They involve the law of NoParticularJurisdiction- Multistate Law. If there's a law that's not on any books anywhere, but is still What The Law Is Like, they teach it for the MBE. And what else? No cases. No statutes. There's just Nothingness behind the MBE- a vacuum, a void, and if you expose your brain to it, you might explode. Or implode. Something bad.

Anyway, good luck on exams. You'll survive, as most do, and realize you did best on the classes you liked least, and the converse, and that preparation does not correlate to performance. But you'll still pass, and get a job, and find true happiness, and die someday.

Have fun, and cheer up. You could be where you are now, in 1L exams, and also have a great sea-bird stuck about your neck. The horror, the horror.

hufflepuffer said...

Yeah, I wish I'd known that before I wasted my time on screwing with my head obsessing over why I was getting every other question wrong. Eventually I threw away the copies of the questions and went back to studying my outline. Thanks for the advice!