Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Passed the first run of the gauntlet


I probably didn't get an A, but at least I can comfortably rely on some form of a B on the final. I don't know what got me the most about the torts final: all the prima facie cases, memorizing all the majority/minority rules, or the fact that it was the first real final to endure. I'm pretty sure the multiple choice wasn't that great for me, but I hope that my essay portion was better. Lord knows I bullshitted enough, hopefully it's enough to get a good grade. I swear, half the time your grade depends on how well you bullshit as a combination with just enough of the substantive law to back it up with.

I should have studied tonight, but I felt like taking it off and having a little fun. I ended up vegging out with some friends and watching the high school reunion tv show. It was pretty good! I love how mind-numbing reality tv shows are, they're my secret addiction...along with Britney Spears. Shhhh!

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