Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Tips and all that

Ok, so a lot of people were asking me what did I do if I hadn't studied for property the night before the test? I don't really know. I do know that I spent two hours on the phone with my sister until 2am listening to her rant about tipping people at Starbucks. I have to admit, she does have a point. All they do is stick the cup under the coffee nozzle and then hand it to you before looking pointedly at the tip jar that's right in front of you. So I said, if you're that unhappy about it, just don't tip. Her reply to that was she felt peer-pressured into tipping, because the bitch auditor-controller she gets coffee with always tips at least a dollar. This sounds like something out of Seinfeld, right? So my sister shells out the $5 for the coffee and then another $1 for a tip, which pretty much costs as much as a lunch.

I love the stories she tells me about the auditor-controller. She's the easiest person to hate. More stories on her coming up later.

Anyway, yesterday's final really took it out of me. I was so exhausted afterwards. Btw, did people hear about the copy of a property outline that was found in the men's room yesterday? I can't believe someone would cheat on the final. If I have to suffer through the damn final blindly then so should everyone else. There's no telling that they'll ever figure out who did it, since we all know how stellar the security is. Plus, I heard some people saying that they were contemplating making everyone take the final again. F*ck that, I say. Why should we all have to pay for someone else's wrongdoing?

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Anonymous said...

While I'd love another crack at that test, I'd better not have to take it again since I didn't even sign out to the bathroom. And why is everyone so shocked by this? Like it had never occurred to anyone before? Come on!