Thursday, December 02, 2004

The secret lives of our teachers

Sometimes I really wonder about our professors' various backgrounds. Some of them have really crazy stories to tell. Take Prof. Cain for instance. She was in the circus. It really doesn't get weirder than that. How many people do you know who can say that? I don't think I've ever even known anyone who knew someone who'd been in the circus.

Today, I was really wondering what Bibas's previous life was like. He seems to be a geeky Matthew Broderick at turns, with occasional glimpses of a bad ass in there. Or maybe he's just repressed. Yesterday at his movie thing he referred to some people he'd known in the past as "pussies" because apparently they didn't do something he felt they should have. Then today, he said "X into Y. Wait, rather Y into X." And he had the most wicked grin on his face. I feel kinda sorry for him, he seems a little young to be so staid and prudish all of the time. I'd like to see him go out in a more social setting, and see if he loosens up at all. Then again, he does have a missus who probably wouldn't appreciate her man hitting up the bars with students, many of whom would most likely be female.

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Anonymous Law Professor said...

You have no idea how strange our private lives are. I'll get to it eventually on my blog,