Saturday, April 02, 2005's DST

I really think that I should move to Arizona, Hawaii, or the part of Indiana that's in the eastern time zone. These are some of the places that don't observe DST. Well, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands also don't, but I'd rather put my money on Hawaii or Indiana.

I must really not be a morning person. It is incredibly difficult getting up before 10am for me, and I can bet that I'm going to be a super grumpy person come Monday morning. Yuck. I have no idea how I ever got up in time to go to high school. Our school started at 7:15 every day, and when DST kicked in I had always had a really hard time adjusting.

Oh, one of the questions in FHM asked who was the president during WWI, and I only got it right because I'd read the Anne of Green Gables series. The very last book was set during WWI, and the characters mentioned the politicians of the day quite frequently. Isn't it weird how we glean knowledge in the most unexpected places?