Monday, April 04, 2005

So long winter, hello spring

Today's quote: Well, some teachers are trying to low-ball me, Daddy. And I know how you say, "Never accept a first offer", so I figure these grades are just a jumping off point to start negotiations.

It's hoooot. Although the break from the bitter cold is quite welcome, it's a bit of a double-edged sword for me. I've always been sensitive to smells, and when it gets hot is when BO runs the most rampant. Also, it's freaking hot, but I'm a little self-conscious of wearing shorts or skirts. That's because I was cursed with the roommate from hell about 3 years ago. She was constantly making fun of how I looked. She called me Big Bird (saying that I have skinny extremities and a bigger body), said I had a flat butt, told me I needed to work out, and said I should live in a padded room (because I'm a bit clumsy and tend to bump into things and frequently suffer minor bruises and scrapes). So, I'm afraid of showing my Big Bird legs. I hate that bitch.

It's my mom's birthday this Friday. What should I get her? Shopping for Mom's birthday is always heinously difficult. If I don't spend enough, she'll say something like "What, you don't love your mother? I only carried you for nine months, and almost died in C-section giving birth to you. I didn't have to listen to that Catholic nun who persuaded me not to have an abortion." But then if I try to get her something nice, it's "Honey, you're a student. Why are you trying to act like you're rich when you're not? Are you dealing drugs? Is there something you want to tell me? You could have just gotten me a card and that would have been enough." BULLSHIT! BULLSHIT!! The only thing that came to mind was going home to surprise her. Or send flowers. No, scratch the flowers, because she always asks why I get them, when they're going to die.

On another note, I've been playing the Alphabet Game again. See below.

Right now I'm stuck on about half of these. These are snippets of famous logos, and you have to guess the right brand with the letter shown. I need help with these. Let's start with A. Any ideas on it? So far, I've got C, G, H, J, L, Q, R, S, T, V, X, Y, and Z. All the rest I am stumped on right now.