Monday, April 18, 2005

So many distractions!

Today's quote: In Sicily, women are more dangerous than shotguns.

Aghhh...finals, yuck. What's weird is that I'm not even overly concerned about them, or about outlining. I suppose I'll eventually outline or something, but I don't think that's my most effective way of reviewing, more talking is better for me I think. What kills me is that everyone has always said, "Don't worry, you'll find what works for you..." blah blah yadda yadda. What I demand to know is, how'm I supposed to find out what works after only one semester under my belt? As we all know, one instance does not establish a pattern. I am still trying on different hats, seeking the one that fits best. Of course what sucks the most is that these 1L grades are gonna be the only things recruiters see when we do our crazy OCI stuff next fall, so I am feeling the pressure. Not to mention that I absolutely HATE these subjects this semester. Greeeeat.

The other thing is, everyone I know is also obsessed with applying to journals too (does anyone else hate how uber-competitive everything is?), so some of the people I know aren't even concentrating on finals right now, since they want to turn in their Transnational Law Journal App. I have to say that journal is the one I'm not going to apply for. I have no interest in the area, period. My top picks are Journal of Gender, Race and Justice, and Journal of Corporation Law, and then Iowa Law Review coming in a distant third. I don't even want to apply to ILR, except that I feel that I have to maximize my chances of getting onto a journal, especially if I'm not applying to Trans. Chances are, I won't make in onto any of them because I absolutely stink as a legal writer.

Sidebar: Here are some cute links to watch if you were ever a fan of Nintendo, especially Super Mario Bros., and Zelda. Make sure you have your sound turned on!
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