Sunday, April 24, 2005

Maid for You

Today's quote: The difference is if you screw up, then my ass is grass and she's the lawnmower!

Well, it's back to the feeling of trying to bandage too many wounds at once again. Too many outlines to try to finish, and memorize all those flashcards at the same time..agh.

At least I've discovered this website for Iowa City, MaidPerfect. Sounds like I'll be calling them when I move out of my crappy apartment at the end of July. I'll be so glad to get the hell away from my stupid neighbors, they're constantly fighting, doing drugs, and making everyone around them miserable. I just had them evicted for the third time this past Friday. That's what they get for being bigots.

This just in: apparently I got a few visits by people who did Yahoo! searches for little girl porn & sm. That is freaking disturbing.