Thursday, April 28, 2005

Is it really finals?

Today's quote: It's always the more gifted of the three.

I don't know, but it just doesn't feel like finals to me. It feels more like I'm walking through a haze where I happen to take tests sometimes. Of course, the property final was not fun, and helped reality come back a little more. I still can't believe how long the essay on the test was. Thankfully I took the test on my laptop, but even then I felt like I could type fast enough. I tried to spend the suggested allotted time on the two portions, but now I wish I had spent less time on the MC and a little more time on the essay. I can't imagine what the score distribution is going to be like for the class, because I heard a lot of people who chose to hand-write the essay didn't finish.

Eh, I'd heard that Hovey's finals would be somewhat hard, but goodness. And the MC were evil, with the typical d) Both A & C, or e) At least two of the above are true, or f) None of the above. YUCK.