Monday, January 31, 2005

Fresh face to the world

Obviously, my blog has been undergoing some changes. I need some feedback from people. What do you think? Is it too cluttered now, or would you like to see more changes?


Anonymous said...

No blogger account, so I post anonymously:

The animated petals, while a nice effect, fall right across the top several lines of the most recent post and make it hard to read.

If you want to use them, you should probably move them (or increase the depth of the header) so they don't fall across the body text of any posts.

p.s. Feeling like an impostor after you've graduated and passed the bar is normal. With time and experience you'll get past it -- and you'll discover that some people get past that feeling even though maybe they shouldn't have!


Anonymous said...

Er, clarifying -- not to imply that you will get past feeling like an impostor when you shouldn't -- I'm just saying that some people, well, aren't so good.

The other side of the coin is that you'll feel better about yourself and your work when you meet them.

Anonymous said...

The petals are beautiful, but I agree that they kind of make your entries hard to read. But I love them! So just move them or something so I can still look at them.

Also, I think law school was just a reason for me to stay in school and avoid that imposter feeling for a couple more years. I shouold ask my friends who got real jobs after graduation if they ever feel like fake adults. I can't imagine I'll ever feel grown up enough to have a job or a house; the idea that I pay bills and rent on my own is scary enough.


Anonymous said...

i love the petals, i don't even notice if it's hard to read because they're so cool.

Anonymous said...

yeah, keep the petals!
I haven't noticed any problems with the petals!