Sunday, January 23, 2005

Suggestions needed

I am tired of listening to all the same ole crap over and over on the radio. I need some suggestions for new music. Any suggestions? I need a fresh sound, so I'll welcome anything...anything that IS NOT Ashlee Simpson. Poor girl, but she has a crapload of problems. In addition to being in her older sister's shadow most of her life, and being fanatically obsessed with making her image look as different as possible from Jessica's, she has been booed off the stage at the USC football game, had an "acid-reflux problem" on SNL, and now there is a petition circulating with 14,000+ signatures begging her to stop everything. Stop singing, stop modeling, stop touring, just stop. I'd say her PR person is not getting the job done. Maybe she should give Britney's PR manager a call?

I was wondering which Outkast cd was good?
What about Prince?


Anonymous said...

If you're looking for a good radio station, try the University's station, FM 89.7. You can also listen online at
There are barely any commercials, and TONS of variety depending on what time of day it is. I've never heard the same song twice in a month. Seriously, best radio station in Iowa.
Every Outkast CD is a good one

Anonymous said... definately worth a listen, sounds best with connections >56k.

Anonymous said...

wow, you sound so...... white.

j/k :)

hufflepuffer said...

uh, maybe because I am?

Anonymous said...

Sublime Prince albums:
Purple Rain
Dirty Mind
Sign o' the Times (I'm in the minority of Prince fans here, but I think this is his greatest accomplishment)

Great Prince Albums
Around the World in a Day (uneven but a brave attempt)
Controversy (extremely dated in much of its anti-Cold War motif--"Ronny Talk to Russia"--but still a good listen)
For You

Good Prince Albums
The Symbol Album (the one where he changed his name)
Diamonds and Pearls
Graffiti Bridge (although the movie sucked)

Crap Prince Albums
Batman soundtrack
Most everything he made between 1994 and 2003, when he was angry and vitriolic and more interested in proving he could make money selling albums on the internet instead of through traditional record company sales and distribution channels, which he might have been able to do if those albums were anything better than awful.

hufflepuffer said...

thanks, I'm totally loving all the info from everyone. I want to diversify my taste as much as possible, and I wish I'd thought of this sooner. I appreciate the different suggestions from everyone, and I'm willing to listen to anything out there at least once, so I hope the suggestions keep coming.