Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Just my imagination

Running away with me...

Ok, am I hallucinating, or is this semester far more difficult than the last? And here I was going to make my "move" to try to raise my gpa. Somehow, I don't think it's going to happen. Maybe I'm experiencing information overload from last semester? Nothing I read seems to "stick." I wish I could unscrew my brain and excise everything I knew about torts to make room for new stuff.

Wouldn't it be awesome if our brains were like our computer hard drives? Every once in a while we could go in, and do a defrag, erase some unecessary junk, etc. Or better yet, we could be like Keanu in the Matrix, plug into a machine, and say, "I know kung-fu!"


Anonymous said...

you're a geek. i bet you have a million gadgets and you're always searching for that great deal for yet another one.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to confirm your suspicion--second semester of 1st year IS harder than the first.

Hang on in there Iowa Law Girl--it will come to pass.... eh.. soon enough. before you even know it, you are on your summer vacation.