Sunday, January 23, 2005

List, ahoy

Ok, the whole list thing is now morphing out of its initial stage of ranking people on their looks and is now approaching the no-subject-barred stage. You know what I mean. So far, here are some of the ideas for lists I have heard:

Top 10 Smelliest People
Top 10 People Not Likely to End Up as a Lawyer
Top 10 Sleepers
Top 10 Everyone Wants to Slap
Top 10 People You'd Want to See Naked
Top 10 You REALLY DON'T Want to See Naked
Top 10 Celebrities You're Allowed To Cheat on Your Significant Other With
Top 10 Weirdest Couples
Top 10 Most Likely to Sleep With a Professor for a Better Grade (if they could)
Top 10 With Delusions That They're Hot Sh*t
Top 10 Nicest
Top 10 You Would Not Date If You Were Paid to
Top 10 Hottest Potential Couples
Top 10 Most Likely to Smell Bad Downstairs
Top 10 Celebrities You Wish Would Disappear Back Into Anonymity (e.g. William Hung)

Does anyone think this whole list thing is spiraling out of control? This whole thing feels related to my secret guilty pleasure: celebrity tabloid news. I know it's stupid and no one else really cares, but it still fascinates me.


Anonymous said...

You have a good point about celebrity tabloid news being sort of like the whole list thing that's going on at the law school. I mean, it's sort of horrifying and it makes you feel dirty, but somehow you just can't stop being interested. At least, that's how they both make ME feel. I guess as long as they're done in good humor and no one gets hurt (which means I hope no one's going to be posting anything like "Top 10 Smelliest"), I don't think it's a bad thing. Plus, you do have to take into consideration that most of us don't have lives outside of school, and the lists are a way of making school more entertaining. And they're more fun than celebrity gossip because they're people you know. I guess we're just back in high school, except hopefully we're all a little bit more mature than we were then.


Anonymous said...

I think there are a couple of things these lists do make clear, that a lot of people are acting like they did back in high school, or more accurately elementary school, and that they are still as immature as they were then. I mean, come on, do people really need to make lists of the top ten people they find attractive?! What's next, law school prom king and queen? Give me a break.

Anonymous said...

Ok, fair enough. It's true that all of this has a very elementary schoolish feeling to it. But then, what about the list of 50 Most Beautiful People that's published every year in People Magazine?

Of course, there's something to be said for a "nice" list, since that list focuses on positive qualities, instead of negative ones like BO.

The sad truth is, what people seem to find the most interesting are the "immature" subjects like farting, and these lists. Here's a question: does this mean people never really change?