Sunday, January 30, 2005

Playing pretend

I have this awful feeling that even after I graduate from law school and pass the BAR, I'm still going to feel like an imposter. Half the time I still can't even believe I graduated from undergrad with my degree. Given the fact that I studied about 10 hours a semester, I am surprised I managed to graduate in the normal 4 years.

This reminds me of Renee Zelwegger, in an Inside the Actor's Studio interview: the man asked her what her worst fear was, and she replied, "I'm afraid someone will one day find out that I'm just pretending to be an actor." That's pretty much how I think I'll feel if I do work as a lawyer. Personally, I think Renee is an awesome actress, and I can't believe she would have such doubts about herself. Insecurity seems to be an equal opportunity harrasser.

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