Monday, January 24, 2005

What really makes you happy?

I've just watched this movie called Dopamine, which is odd since the Time spread on the new science of happiness came out. Dopamine was a featured chemical in the article. It's basically the chemical our body produces that helps induce that general feeling of happiness. Anyway, the movie was semi-interesting, but I really wouldn't recommend watching it unless you have the time to burn, or you just like philosophizing about love, happiness, and evolution.

Anyway, while I was reading the tips (*gasp* I know this may be surprising, but like most law students I am miserable about 90% of the time) I was wondering who actually does some of these things? Who actually sits there and squeezes rocks, or notes down in a daily journal the things that they're grateful for? Sure, it all sounds good in theory, but when you actually try standing in front of the mirror to tell yourself "I love me", it actually gets a little weird. What's worse is when someone catches you doing it. Then they think you're a narcissistic egomaniacal neurotic.

I just don't think that Time has any idea on what little things make a law student happy. Here are some things that would make me happy if they happened:
1) Being called on in class the one time I'm prepared.
2) Getting all my reading done before 7p.m.
3) Getting more than 5 hours of sleep a night.
4) Not having to hear more than one bad law joke a day. With the calendar of jokes in the canteen, this one is especially hard.
5) Getting into the top 15% of the class. (HA fat chance for me!!)

Ok ok, so I know that the list is supposed to be comprised of things that are within our easy grasp to accomplish every day, but let's face it, we're in law school. It's obvious that the simple things like squeezing rocks and letting your mind go blank, or sitting in a circle and singing Kumbaya while holding hands are not the things that get us off, else we wouldn't be here. So far, the main attractions I've seen for law students and relaxation have been:
1) Drinking like a fish at a bar, then bar-hopping and doing it over and over.
2) Smoking pot.
3) Working out.

If you'll notice, the first two have a little to do with substance abuse. I guess it just takes more to de-stress us.

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