Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Grades grades grades

Ok, 3 out of 4 gradaes are out, although I know for some sections all 4 grades are out. I hear that people are trying to grasp what the numbers mean. As far as I know, here's a scale to tip you off:

4.3-4.1 = A+
4.0-3.8 = A
3.7-3.5 = A-
3.4-3.2 = B+
3.1-3.0 = B
2.9-2.5 = B-
2.4-2.0 = C

(thanks to the anonymous comment on this post for the link)

It's nice to know that I did ok, and that I'm not in danger of flunking out anytime soon. I think that if I worked a little harder next semester I could actually say my grades are decent!


Anonymous said...

and if you want a more accurate scale:

hufflepuffer said...


Anonymous said...

Cheers to the new grade scale!! Be thankful because it would save you the difficulty of trying to explain what grades mean to employers next year when you recruit. I had a hard time..... and I am still stuck with the 90 point scale.


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