Thursday, January 13, 2005


Have you ever noticed how a few bad apples ruin it for the rest of us? For instance, it's really hard to find one of my favorite jelly snacks because someone choked on one of them and then sued the company for choking on it. Now the jelly snacks aren't carried anywhere. There's always those few who try to "beat" the system, but end up getting caught, which spurs the establishment to enact safeguards against future such threats, the costs of which get spread to the rest of us either through higher prices or no longer having access to certain goods/services.

The same goes for this plagiarism mess. Because of the inevitable idiots who try it every year, the rest of us have to sit through a seminar and get to listen to the people talk to us like we're babies getting warned about a spanking. I still maintain that these people should treat us like adults.

On a different note, I'm very very glad my last name isn't first on the list like Ms. Benson's is, since apparently Hovenkamp likes to pull the same trick every semester.


Anonymous said...

are you saying someone beats the system by choking on jelly snacks? "i'll show you how to take advantag..... agh, agh...jelly snacks!"

hufflepuffer said...

oh come on, the fact that they try to take advantage of their own stupidity in not being careful while eating is what ticks me off. i feel the same way about the people who sued McDonald's for the hot coffee and also for saying that the food made them fat.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of a few bad apples giving us law students a bad reputation, what about what Andrew posted on his blog:

"Uncle Joey just called me. My Aunt Julie is sitting at Gate 37C in the Houston airport right now, waiting on her plane to land so that she can get on board and fly to Dallas for a business meeting. She has been there for over an hour and a voice keeps coming on the intercom saying, "Amad Alawi, please come claim the package that you left at Gate 37C." She called Joey to see if he thinks she should run to the other end of the airport and take cover. Haha."

or this (and you wonder why people think law students are stuck up?):
"Czar of the Universe
I think I may try to get named EIC (Editor in Chief) of Law Review for next year. I have done more work than any of the other second year students so far, my writing has been praised more, and I know more of the technical writing rules than most of the third year students. The problem is that this stuff is all too political. I don't hang around with any of the editors right now and they know that I'm not a hard-core liberal (like everyone else on staff). So it may be hard.

I don't know. I just want to have something that looks really, really good on my resume. What do you think?"

hufflepuffer said...

It's funny that this has been posted on my blog, because these exact entries have already been brought to my attention by my friends. Sometimes I wonder what was going through a person's mind when they write something on their blog.