Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Clever ruse, or huge mistake?

Today's quote: I smoke, I snort, I've killed and robbed, I'm a man.

Just thought it was funny. I heard on the radio this morning how they'd somehow messed up the numbers for calling in and voting last night, so they're having to redo the voting tonight, and then hold the result show tomorrow night. It's all very fishy to me. Either someone was really stupid and lost their job over this, or this was a cleverly engineered ploy to gain more airspace for the hottest show on television. Hm, I wonder which?

I have to agree with Professor Yin on his assessment of the Idols. My favorite pick, Mario, is gone and I'm very sad. He was hot and could sing! The total package. I bet he can dance too, which would make him an ultimate triple threat. I just hope that Mikalah gets voted off. She seems like a sweet gal, but I just can't stand hearing that girl speak. Otherwise, I was not very impressed with anyone. I liked Vonzell's song pretty well, and Anwar's (wow Chaka Khan), but for the first time I didn't like Nadia's pick. The song was the wrong range for her, and it was just blah for me. I'm waiting for someone to put on the performance of the season. Last season it was Fantasia's rendition of Summertime, and the first season it was Kelly Clarkson's rendition of Walk On By (IMO even though the judges didn't like it).

I wish they would bring back Fame, the new show, which ran about 1-2 years ago sometime in the summer (?), did anyone see it? It was singing, dancing, and performing. I'd say that the suckiest singer on that show could kick some serious ass on American Idol. I'm still of the opinion they should put real singers into a show like American Idol. How quick do you think Britney Spears would get voted off?

This reminds me, I'm debating whether to sign up for Lawlawpalooza. I still think there should be an acappella group from the school.