Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Simon says..

Today's quote: One side of Trish was peaches n' cream, and she was devil Satan face on the other.

I officially love California today. It would be awesome if the law school enacted this for our library, especially since hot weather will soon be approaching.

Smelly Readers Banned From Calif. Library

San Luis Obispo, CA - A new county law aims to keep readers from reeking. Libraries in San Luis Obispo County have had their own rules banning offensive body odor since 1994, but the policy became law after the Board of Supervisors last month adopted an ordinance that lets authorities kick out malodorous guests.

"What is bad odor? A woman who wears a strong perfume? A person who had a garlicky meal?"

Haha...I can't wait to see who they piss off first.