Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Help, a bit lost...

Can someone tell me where we are in property? I've missed so many classes that I don't even know what chapter we're in. I bet I'm going to fail property this semester. It's a bit scary because I think I have 100+ pages to read for the class, and I didn't get any work done over spring break. Have other people started outlining yet? I keep saying I will but I end up surfing the net or doing some other time-wasting activity *cough*.

I wonder if Professor Hovenkamp is going to discuss Terri Schiavo like our other professors have been. It's weird, because I'd first heard about her a year ago, and I'd thought by now it would have been resolved. Obviously I was "naive and misguided." It's incredible that her parents have even offered the husband all the money if he would just divorce her, and it's even more incredible that he's refused. I don't know about others, but I would rather not be kept alive in such a fashion. Sure, maybe for a few months to see if I get better, but it's an emotional drain on the people around you to see you like this. It keeps hope alive in such a torturous way. And the financial drain! Does anyone have an estimate on how much keeping Terri Schiavo alive has cost? Not to say that there is a price on a human life, but it must be tremendous. To begin with, keeping someone on life support is crazily expensive, plus all the litigation that has gone on over the custody battles between the parents and the husband, and now with the passing of this Terri Schiavo law it means there have been even more resources devoted to this subject.

I just wonder what's going on in the husband's mind. I would think that since the parents care so much about hanging on to every hope that he should grant custody to them.