Friday, March 11, 2005

Reaching my boiling point

Whew! Just turned in my brief, in the nick of time too. There were so many last minute details to take care of, plus I'd had a last minute meeting with the writing center on my paper. I had to reorganize a great deal of it, and it was still under the page limit by a whole page, so now I'm scared that I left out some primary argument whose absence will make my brief crap. Oh well, like I said to a few people yesterday, at least I had it turned in to the writing center, so at least it can be crap with good grammar. Then I had to make my caption page, plus table of contents and table of authorities. I never learned how to put in leaders, so I had to sit there and put in all the little dots myself...I was ready to punch my keyboard by the time that was done. Plus I found an error like a missing year on half the pages for the cites, so had to keep reprinting, swearing in the meanwhile.

It's amazing how much every little thing will annoy you when you're under a deadline. Someone upstairs was playing music with really heavy bass, and I was ready to take a bat to their kneecaps because I was so mad. Then my dog was whining because I wouldn't let her out and play with her until I threw my highlighter at her. I know, poor dog. She has a bad owner. Even my computer restarting annoyed the hell out of me, it seemed to take a year to restart (actually I've been told my computer really is slow, it's not just my imagination, takes 4 MINUTES). I'm just happy to get this thing off my hands and turned in. I'm surprised the stupid train didn't come and block the tracks like the last time.