Monday, March 21, 2005


Today's quote: A South Central deer?

Ok, that midterm was really easy. However, sad as it is, I missed the very last question. I simply hadn't gotten that far in studying the flashcards, because I left off at #194. Curses. So I'm going to be one of the ones who has to take it again. I ran up to the professor after the midterm as he was wheeling away the tests, and asked him how he was going to make us take the test again. He looked at me and goes, "I can't imagine that anyone would have to take it again!" I shamefacedly replied, "Yes, yes, I am THAT stupid.." He has a real sense of humor. He said that he would have all of us sit in one section together in the front of the class, and then started laughing maniacally. I guess my round eyes and agape jaw said it all, it's pretty easy to pull my leg. Then he asked me how my break was, and if I really allowed myself a vacation. I replied, "Yeah, I think that I might have had too much of a vacation..." He said, "Oh, I guess I should have stayed away from that question considering I just gave you a midterm!" Yeah.