Saturday, February 05, 2005

Bitter insomniac

Ok, here I am. Can't sleep because my body is all fucked up from sleeping about 2-3 hours a night, and then not sleeping at all on Thursday night. Plus I'm a little trashed right now since I just came back from the block party. Typing is proving amazingly difficult right, and the screen keeps going in and out of focus.

So it's difficult not to view everyone at the law school with a jaundiced eye right now after all that bashing that went on. At least I have respect for what other people say, and I don't stoop to letting the debate degenerate into the type of fight that ends with "Oh yeah?!!! Well you're just stupid!!!" Uh huh, and I thought we were supposed to be law students. So far, not really impressed from what I've seen from the comments.

Of course, I know that not everyone felt that way, so there is still a feeble, flickering ray of hope that not all hope is lost.

Couple of things to mention from some of the comments left from the other day: first of all I love Jin's comment. She's totally right, people hate my blog, yet they're the ones wasting the time to post how much they hate my blog instead of doing something else that they'd rather do. Secondly, she's also right about how people commit their verbal drivebys, while posting under "Anonymous" also. Gotta love the goddamn irony.

Great. My dog just farted on me.


Arbusto said...

Hi! I just randomly ran across your blog using the "next blog" button from a friends.

I'm also a 1L but up in the Twin Cities. I went to undergrad in Iowa, however. I'm glad to see somebody else working through this mess!

Good luck!

hufflepuffer said...

How funny! I made the choice b/t Iowa Law and Twin Cities.

Anonymous said...

What would possibly make you choose IOWA over the cities?
I also did my memos the night before and got a B and B+ so don't worry.
-MN 3L

Arbusto said...

Where do you go in IA? I haven't read your archives yet as I'm working on staying on top of things and working on my own brief due next week so I'm curious as to how you're liking it.

PlayitagainSam said...

because Minnesota isn't that great. It's a nice place to go, but it isn't head and shoulders above Iowa as some might believe... keep your chin up ILG, spring break'll be here soon.

hufflepuffer said...

I don't really know why I chose IA over MN. I was thinking along the lines, "OMG I'm going to freeze to death in MN."

So far, it's ok. Kind of dull, but that's good since I don't have time for excitement. Sometimes I wish I could go be in a bigger city so as to get out of this area, but oh well, stuck for now. Iowa City isn't too bad, and it's more liberal than other parts of IA.

Barely hanging in there until spring break...

Derek said...

As a native, I feel compelled to toss in my unasked-for two cents. While Iowa may not spring to mind in a search for the Top Ten Getaway Hotspots, it’s certainly not without its shining points:

• Guarantees low-cost health insurance to every child in Iowa, regardless of citizenship

• Has the highest literacy rate in the nation

• Has a Republican-controlled legislature that still votes against anti-gay legislation because, “That doesn't make any sense, now does it?” and “Ain't hurting me and I reckon it's not hurting any of my constituency.”

• Is now working hard against corporate farms and has installed legislation that's designed to help organic farmers, co-operative farming organizations and small farming operations

• Is home to the one of the only state schools, not required by state law, that protects on the basis of gender identity

• Boasts the very first female mayor in the United States — they named Iowa City City Hall after her

• Most people don't know who Korn is

• Is home to the city with the greatest density of Ph.D. holding citizens in the world — Iowa City, cultural and intellectual Mecca of the Midwest