Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Who's Behind Marketing?

Today's quote: Excuse me, I, I,.. b-b-believe you have m-m-my stapler...

Do you ever wonder what the advertising or marketing department was thinking when they turned out certain commercials or product designs? Today, as I stood in Office Depot trying to pick a pen from the multitude presented, my eye was caught by the Papermate Silkwriter. Its description made me blush. Are they trying to sell a pen or a pack of condoms?
  • Lubriglide ink glides on effortlessly. Get the exceptional silky feel of a rollerball with the functionality of a ballpoint — in one pen!
  • 1.0 mm medium point for strong, sure strokes.
  • Wide cushion grip for comfort while you write! Soft rubber absorbs tension, making working a pleasure. Comes in a variety of colors.

If the company ever decides to switch to manufacturing condoms, I don't think their advertising and design department will have too much work to do..

The other thing is Kum & Go. What were they thinking? Does anyone else think the name is ironic?